A beautiful smile shouldn't cost a fortune.
Experience the only toothbrush designed to make dentists go out of business.
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World's Most Reviewed Electric Toothbrush
Designed In The USA
Complimentary 1-Year Warranty
Our technology helps remove 10x more plaque than manual brushes and offers 4x more effective oral care than other electric toothbrushes—for 1/3 the price. We’re no mathematicians, but we know a great deal when we see one.


and counting... and counting...

Backed by the pros & beloved by thousands of customers with unbelievable smiles

We earned the rare American Dental Association seal of approval by proving that AquaSonic is the gold standard of quality, performance, and efficiency.

So when people rave about their AquaSonic oral care with comments like "cleans like I just left the dentist!" you can believe them.

Beauty and brawn: the total package for your oral health

We make expensive subscriptions, batteries, and replacements a thing of the past with superior products that last, so you have everything you need to create and maintain your best smile for life.

Neat, tidy, wire free

Shower together: resistant to water damage

Ideal for travel: made with the same battery as Tesla & holds 1 month of charge

Sleek and stylish: a minimalist's dream with maximal benefits

Level Up Your Dental Routine

Dual action bristles and our angled brush heads contour to teeth to erase tough surface stains and gently massage gums, increasing blood circulation at the same time.
With 40,000 pulsing vibrations per minute, the AquaSonic motor provides a deep clean you just can’t get with a manual brush. Because it pulses and vibrates instead of spinning like other electric toothbrushes, it's safe and gentle on all types of teeth and gums, and it won’t scratch your enamel.
Our technology works together to bring you a professional clean. It’s like having a dentist tell you exactly where to brush next, and how long to do it.
With the click of a button you can customize your AquaSonic experience with all the options you need for consistently whiter, brighter teeth and healthier gums.
1 Charge = 1 Full Month of Power – Forget cheap wired USB charging, with our ultra-fast wireless charging station, one charge lasts 30 full days.
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When you buy from AquaSonic, you get everything you need for complete oral health. We make expensive subscriptions, batteries, and replacements a thing of the past. From innovative electric toothbrushes to electric flossers

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