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Aqua Flosser

The AquaSonic Aqua Flosser is your secret weapon to maintaining optimal oral health. Healthier gums and whiter teeth guaranteed.


DENTIST RECOMMENDED Aqua Flosser has been clinically proven to be up to 5x more effective than traditional flossing while also being gentler on gums and teeth. 


We know that flossing is essential for oral health, but that doesn’t make it fun or easy. Meet Aqua Flosser, the tool that actually achieves that by doing all the hard work like gently and efficiently removing stuck on plaque in less than half the time traditionally flossing takes.


The Aqua Flosser is a dentist recommended professional rechargeable and cordless oral irrigator. With 3 modes and 4 jet tips with a 0.6 mm ultra fine water flow, it provides superior flossing akin to what you receive at the dentist’s office and it’s the safest option for all types of teeth including those with dental devices like braces, caps, or veneers.


A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers a 360 degree rotary nozzle which directs water jets to dislodge food and plaque. It also includes 3 convenient usage modes for varying oral care needs, an easy nozzle release button to interchange 4 jet tips instead of just the standard 2 and a convenient hygienic travel bag. Compare Aqua Flosser to more expensive competitors that aren't nearly as effective.

  • BEYOND BRUSHING & FLOSSING - Aqua Flosser has the added benefit of massaging gums by boosting circulation. Blood flow and circulation are vital to the health of virtually every part of your body – and the same goes for your teeth and gums. Healthy blood flow ensures your teeth and gums get the vital oxygen and nutrients they need, helping to keep immune defenses strong and prevent dental decay. 
  • CUTS FLOSSING TIME IN HALF - We guarantee a more thorough clean in less than half of the time compared to traditional string flossing. A two minute auto timer automatically keeps time for a flawless professional clean. Get the whole family to enjoy flossing, even your kids!
  • CONVENIENT - Aqua Flosser includes a lightweight, fully waterproof design with a large 150 ml capacity water tank and rechargeable lithium ion battery for years of continuous use. Aqua Flosser fully charges over night and will last for 8 hours per charge for weeks of flossing on a single charge. Each Aqua Flosser unit also includes a hygienic travel bag so you can take Aqua Flosser with you wherever you go for cordless and stress free oral health care. It is also dual voltage rated at 110V & 220V.
  • SUPERIOR FOR ALL TEETH  - Aqua Flosser is ideal for those with braces or other dental devices as its 360 degree rotary tips can reach places that traditional floss can't without pulling, or rubbing. The result is the most efficient and thorough clean in half the time. Choose from normal clean, soft clean, or pulse. The bonus 4 piece dental kit is especially important for those with braces to remove buildup around brackets and wires.
  • HAPPINESS GUARANTEED - We’re here for you. So if you try it and you don't love it, simply return it for a full refund. It’s that simple. We are an American based business with a legendary support team that answers all inquiries within 24 hours. We also email you a complimentary 1 year extended warranty with every purchase so you are covered now and in the future.
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  • 1X AquaSonic Aqua Flosser
  • 4X Interchangeable tips
  • 1X Hygienic travel case
  • 1X Charger
  • Instruction and Support Contact Manuals